How Do You Do, is a podcast about people who have dedicated themselves to being themselves. It is a combination of oral interviews and photographs taken of people who are doing their "thing". Either they're making it work and have been for a while, or they're just starting out and figuring it out. To be passionate about what you do, and continuing your relationship with that "thing" for the length of a life takes courage, creativity, and the ability to adapt to an ever changing landscape. All these elements I struggle with constantly and sometimes pushing through seems to be an endless struggle. The idea of success is translucent, and choosing to continue your practice despite the bumps and unclear end, is what makes the experience of creating it worth it. Further more, how does one live their life while navigating through the fog and spontaneous terrain that comes with the freelance life. This question's solution probably doesn't last longer than a few months. So, is the goal security and stability? Does creativity reside in what you make or how you make it happen?

This project is a learning experience for me. I am only an interviewer through practice, and creating a product from the collected content is a challenge for me. How Do You Do is helping me understand the form, and hopefully will aid in my completion of Meronymy. Up until this point, insecurity and withholding presentation were causing a stand still in the development of both projects. I think the best way for me to get over it, is to get it out.


 Erik Della Penna: Episode 1

Erik Della Penna is New York born, and built. He is a father, a husband, a musician, a bike enthusiast,a tea drinker, a knife sharpener and the first interview for this project.  We meet at a coffee shop on the upper west side, then strolled to the northwest entrance to Central park and found ourselves in the middle of a stone fort from 1814 talking to an Australian conservancy worker. 

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Sarah Ruhl: Episode 2

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Sarah Ruhl is a playwright from 

Chicago, who currently resides in New York City. She wrote such plays as Passion Play, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, In the Next Room, For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday and many



She received the McArther Fellowship Award, has been nominated for a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize, and received the 2016 Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award.

Needless to say she is awesome and for our first ever conversation, it was a memorable one for me. 


How Do You Do : a podcast